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Deep Bodyworks is Massage Therapy for Active Lifestyles. We specialize in healing the body of those who play sports, or who make exercise a part of their regular routine.

Everyday we cause wear and tear to our bodies, whether it be at work, home, or through exercise. Massage therapy is a means of fighting back and giving your body the restorative healing it needs to keep up with the daily grind of life.

If you are experiencing pain of any variety, Deep Bodyworks is the location of choice in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Massage therapy is critical for the longevity and healing of the body. So don't delay, schedule your deep tissue or sports massage today!



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Deep Bodyworks Signature Massage Treatment:
This signature treatment combines aromatherapy, the modalities of Deep Tissue Massage or Swedish Massage, hot stones, reflexology and the detoxifying benefits of warm organic coconut oil. Precious basalt stones are placed on the Chakra's for a peaceful and restorative effect; followed by sugar foot scrub therapy. Upon completion of the treatment, the body, mind and spirit are all brought into balance.


2.5 hrs       $240 (Deep Tissue Massage)
2.5 hrs       $230 (Swedish Massage)

Swedish Massage:
Gentle manipulation of the muscles with the use of massage oils. Used to improve circulation, ease muscle aches and tension, improve flexibility, and create relaxation. 


1 hr            $70
1.5 hrs       $105
2 hrs          $140
2.5 hrs       $175
3 hrs          $210

Deep Tissue & Sports Massage:
Deep Tissue Massage is designed for individuals wanting more detailed bodywork on specific muscle groups. Deep Tissue Massage requires more pressure and uses specific trigger point therapy to relieve tension in the deeper levels of the muscle tissue. Sports Massage is often used in conjunction with Deep Tissue Massage. Sports Massage lengthens the tissue along with breaking up adhesions (knots), breaking up scar tissue, relieving nerve impingement, and is incorporated with stretching.


1 hr            $80
1.5 hrs       $120
2 hrs          $160
2.5 hrs       $200
3 hrs          $240

Maternity Massage:
Let this modality of light long soothing strokes help you find healing comfort, by reducing swelling and gently working sore areas in your changing body. This massage is sure to have you feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on a wonderful new chapter in your life. 


1 hr            $80

Foot Reflexology:
Our feet are mapped out to correspond with our entire body to encourage proper organ and system functions. This massage modality can be deeply relaxing and therapeutic for those suffering from plantar fasciitis, ankle injuries or even everyday work and play. 


1 hr            $80


Hot Stone Massage:
An ancient Native American art of using heated basalt stones to massage the body. Muscle tension is dissolved as healing warmth penetrates the body for an incredibly relaxing experience. 


Per Hour          $10

Pure essential oils are added to massage oil to provide a calming, energizing or cleansing effect.


Per Session     $10

Sugar Foot Scrub Therapy:
Sugar scrub therapies can be very healing for those with skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema. It's a gentle way to exfoliate dead skin and promote the growth of healthier, more uniformly colored and textured skin.


Per Session     $10



"Michelle LaMela is an incredible massage therapist. Over the years as a client of Michelle's, I have personally enjoyed a wide variety of the many massage modalities Michelle is expert in. Michelle's in-depth knowledge of the human anatomy and her innate abilities to provide compassionate and caring service, combine to create the most amazing therapeutic experience ever! The exquisite ambiance and atmosphere that is felt when entering is unbelievable. The soft lighting, soothing music and hot oil are guaranteed to melt your stress away. Michelle is truly an amazing therapist and her incredible massages will keep me coming back forever!"

-LaVal J.


"As I get older I want to stay physically active. Deep tissue massage from Michelle at Deep Bodyworks helps me to recover and stay more flexible. Deep Bodyworks provides a professional and relaxing atmosphere. A regular massage from Deep Bodyworks is important to my health routine."

-Brad B.


"Michelle is a runners dream. I put many miles on my legs preparing for marathons each week. I couldn't compete if it weren't for Michelle and her ability to work on my legs. Over the years she has helped me recover from many events. Her deep tissue and hot stone work are the best in Salt Lake. If you're an athlete you owe it to yourself to have Michelle work on you. She is the best."

-Mike H.

"Actions speak louder than words and so I’d like to start by saying that I’ve been going to Michelle exclusively for healing acupressure massages for the last several years, after having tried various other therapists over previous decades, some who were brilliant in their own right, but Michelle stands as my favorite. Recently we’ve been emphasizing healing my stress, my carpel tunnel syndrome due to my long hours spent on the computer keyboard, and my long time problem with constipation. I’ve noticed a significant improvement with all of these problems. She has a tremendous knowledge of the human body so I have received help from her for various other problems over the years as well. She has that healing touch that many of us are searching for. Michelle has a positive, bubbly, outgoing personality, and you’ll feel like you have an instant friend when you meet her for your first massage. I’ve always felt that there are more ways than just the physical to be made to feel better – there is also the mental part. Michelle is always a delight to talk to and I always feel like I’m not only healthier but I’m also happier when I walk out of the beautiful place where she does her massages and various other treatments."

-Steve N.


"Michelle is a rare gem who uses her professionalism and abilities to help get you on the path of recovery and not just providing temporary relief from aching muscles. Michelle has incredible skill in reading the body and then specifically targeting those core muscle groups which trigger sport & occupational pains. My success in getting back in the game and finding freedom from chiropractic adjustments & chronic pain, is due to Michelle’s deep tissue & hot stone treatments. I’ve never met a more gifted therapist, who is aware of the muscular system relationships and integrates that knowledge into treatment sessions."

-Paul G.

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